I miss Animazement hardcore. I need to go to a con so badly and NC Comicon is still a month away. Be that as it may, I’m starting to plan for AZ anyway, and I really wanna do some thing Gravity Falls this year. I’m considering maybe a female human version of Bill Cipher. 



when you meet some1 new and are trying to find mutual interests



Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.



I resurrected my phone from the dead.


The Shining, room 237


The Shining, room 237

Just saw some crust punks in downtown Winston on my way to the bank and I’m like so excited. I haven’t seen too many punks around here. 😊

When college is busy I’m fine, but when I have a block of large free time on a not so busy day it gets very lonely. 

I got put on E-shop for like half the semester and I’m not doing to well in it. I’m scared of heights and electricity, so it isn’t a very good match. I miss props. There aren’t tall ladders to climb in props. Is it fall break yet?